Hello Everybody and welcome to my website. I intend for this site to contain graphics and content relating to subjects which intrest me which include Scuba Diving , Motorcycles, the real time strategy game Total Annihilation for the PC, Caithness my home county, up here in the Highlands of Scotland, C.A.D using AutoCAD and anything else that I think is cool, such as Mechanical Engineering, Sound's and Star Gazing.

However, as usual, time will be the deciding factor with too much to learn and do and just not enough hours in the day to do it. Even if you are a whizzz with a PC, which I ain't. I would hope visitors to this page might find something of interest or amusement when they see it, but be warned,for the foreseeable future this site is 'under development' so dont expect to much for the moment at least :) Anyway watch this space for updates to see what will hopefully soon grow to be a cool site ... Well in the next few months or maybe years :)

Ok folks this is my first update in over a year.Sorry.My page had been progressing slowly and now has some of the smart stuff I origionally intended for it to contain. Unfortunately I've had the misfortune to suffer a HD crash and have been set back to what you see before you. This page was initally started back in September 98 so please pardon the slow development of thas site :) The good news is that I have had a few ideas on how to further improve my pages so you can look forward to yet more exciting changes to this ever evolving website and I fully intend to get cracking with these now Ive more time at home. Ok thats enough for the moment. Time to get on with some HTML.

Alright people?. Its April 2003. How you all been ? OK site is still progressing as and when I feel like it and if I have the time to spare. Im removing/removed some of the personnel text and outdated crap as this will be of little interest to many of you but some if it will be remaining for people who know me. Site is developing slowly but has progressed tremendously compared to what I first achieved. I have the idea that it will never be finished as even when my web-space is used up that in itself will be a reason to continue for the sole purpose of learning how to set up a sub domain. Hope you like the overall design and get some use from the info / downloads which is slowly becoming available.
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