Ok so Total Annihilation has been out for over five year's now, and by many standards will be classed as obsolete but next to the 8-bit classic ELITE by David Brabem it must be my favourite computer game of all time. This is my tribute to the game, its creator Chris Taylor and designers at the now defunct 'Cavedog'. Later I hope to have maps & units to download,guides on map & unit design,links to really cool TA web pages although these seem to be rather sparse now :( and other cool TA stuff and techie info 8).This will all progress with time but for the moment you may consider this site to be PERMANENTLY Under Construction.. I know this is bad policy..A true artist/author would never submit unfinished work, and I guess I will over look that for now :)




CC Data.

UPDATE :- Commanders, I have now reached the stage of entering the Cores Contingency data into our memory banks, along with our latest designs but at the moment have still to decide whether to display this as a seperate briefing on new technology or to update the existing briefs on Arm and Core technology in a manner which highlights the new designs. I would prefer the latter to preserve continuity of the Technology Infrastructure Advancement Tree and can see benifits of having a seperate design brief on the latest technologies for the Arm and Core. For the moment I am going to operate on the assumption that I shall do both but this assumption may alter as and when I see fit. Briefing ends... Commanders DISMISSED.