From the title I am sure you all realise what this page's subject matter is going to be concerned with. For those of you who are interested I started out on a Yamaha RD 125 LC. Which by today's standards is a piece of crap but when you hit the 6000 rpm mark it would give you one of the best thrills out and hopefully scare a few car drivers into the bargin.:)This bike needs a web page devoted to it alone but unfortunatly time dictates otherwise.

I then moved on to another Yamaha. This being a TZR 250. Well if the RD was fun then the TZR was pure rapture with quick responsive handling and a top speed of @ 125mph. It also had sharp looks which were important for me almost as much as it's top end and handling. C'mon gimmie a break, I had only just turned 20 when I bought it and wanted to impress the girlies ;) Unfortunately it was hampered considerably with the girlfriend on the back and required lots of gear changing if conditions were windy or the terrain hilly but easly managed a steady 70 when you were just in the mood for cruising.

As a result of this constant gear changing I then moved up the ladder to yet again another Yamaha.. The all almighty midrange sportster.. The one and only FZR 600. Pure exctasy on two wheels for a speed/adrenalin junkie like myself.. Unfortunately a certain sherriff cameron thought myself to be a danger to both myself and the general public when I was spotted by the Northern Constabulary doing 133mph. For this the bast@rd banned me for 2 year's and wait for it....... imposed a 2000 pound fine.. :( Yes 2 grand. Sold the FZR ! :( I even had to resit my test but Ive passed that and I am now legal again.

Beep Beep to you Mr Coyotte.

27th August 2000.Do you ever feel like you want to crash and burn? I had a few months on the road with the TZR this year. First thing which went wrong is that I wrecked the crankase when I shattered the main bearing in the gearbox. So after removing the engine and rebuilding it in a spare crankcase I ran her in and clocked up another 2 thou on the clock. Last week the oil pump decided to have a little rest. Well thats my first diagnosis but it's yet to be confirmed. I might be the next to have a seizure. :( Im going have to resort to using a clapped out Vauxhaul to get around. GOD have pity on my soul and if you read this could you pray for it.

4th December 2001 Well well that old vauxhaull wasnt such a bad buy after all.It got me over to Holland for a new job with better money and better working conditions than what I had been doing. After a just a little over a year I've come home with enough money to sort out all those little projects I had on hold, the TZR being 1 of them.

March 2003 Bought a brand new Blue and White Yamaha YZF-R6..Its an 02 model but an 03 plate. :)