This page is going to be devoted to nice pics of The Caithness Countryside and anything else I like about the place.
Ok for the rest of the world Caithness is in Scotland and is the most northly part of the mainland.Thats right, the pointy bit right up at the top. Caithness is, I reckon the remotest part of the UK mainland and Im glad about that. Having growen up and lived here all my life I enjoy the peace and quiet of the open spaces so easily reached in Caithness. While the countryside consists mostly of moorland with few mountains the costal regions provide varied countryside habitats for the local wild life and the straths and rivervalleys shelter for the ever present wind. OK the weather is'nt that bad most of the time but it can be pretty awefull at times but that is also good. Sometimes theres nothing better than being out in really stormy weather. No im not mad.

Unfortunatly, like everything else, nothing stays the same and from my perspective Caithness is changing. Well im sure its always been changing and thats not always a bad thing but i fear that in this instance it is. With new roads and bridges the powers that B are both opening up Caithness to the rest of the country to attract new business and create employment for the community and destroying the rural and natural ambience which has survived for so long here. With an increasing population theres more and more houses being built and with various grants new community building are replacing the old ones. Modernisation can be a terriable thing. It seems that the price of progress has to be damage to our natural environment and imposs a reduction in our freedoms. You dont expect the new community buildings are going to to be free or that any admittance charges will stay at the same level. Thus the cost of living increases and the gap between the classes increase. This of course leads to snobery, hypocrisy, jealousy and many other of the nastier sides of humanity. Not to mention the dedregation of the rural and market town community spirits.